What is Your Problem?

· Litterbox problems
· Housesoiling
· New baby in the house
· Introducing a new pet
· Scratching Furniture
· Ruining the houseplants
· Excessive shyness
· Aggression and Biting
· Finicky about food
· Traveling with your cat
· Overcoming fear and shyness
· Breaking habits
· Chewing...and more!!

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How We Can Help

Nationally acclaimed Cat Behaviorist, Marva Marrow will consult with you and your cat in your home or by phone.

Modify your cat’s behavior through love, insight and proven techniques. Bring peace to your home!!

Marva Marrow was Editor of the Cat Fanciers' Association Mentoring Program for six years, helping to create this educational program. She is an award-winning Member of the Cat Writers of America and is frequently quoted in national cat magazines and other nationally known publications regarding cats and behavior. She has over 30 years of experience with cats of all types and ages.

She is a fully Certified member of the IAABC (International Association for Animal Behavior Consultants)

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Helping People and Their Cats

Way back in 2001, I founded the first content - rich site for pet owners, a site called ALLPETS.COM. I gathered together a host of experts in many areas -trainers, veterinarians, breeders, specialized journalists and others into an enthusiastic group with their own areas of expertise. Mine was with cats.

At the time even veterinary schools were hard pressed to offer courses on feline behavior or study on the unique traits, attributes and actions of these fascinating creatures. With the help of my group, and much research, and years of hands-on experience with observing, raising and investigating cats on every level, I found myself answering literally thousands of reader questions, finding solutions to problems - and also the source of those problems. This database of questions and answers - and my strong desire to help cat owners faced with stress, anger and upheaval in their homes (often to the point of wanting to "get rid" of their pets) formed the basis for my formalizing this service into The Kitty Kouch, Cat Behavior Consultants.

"Learning on the job" is likely the most effective way to offer help and support to cat owners in need. And with my passion and love for these creatures - and the desire to translate that into seeing people and cats in happy environments, interacting with each other has grown in knowledge and expertise over the years. I look forward to helping YOU with your cats and their very unique issues! 



Next Steps...

If you are in the Los Angeles or Southern California area, we offer in-home visits. We also are available for effective phone or Skype consultations. We will work with you to answer your concerns and help you every step of the way to solve your problems.

Contact us for a quick reply, to schedule an appointment and for our rates! marva@kittykouch.com