Shooty and Titan take a break from the shows
and cuddle up in their Koverlets!

Feline Tested: Gets the PAW of APPROVAL



Cerdik of Scarlettini cattery in the Netherlands is cozy and warm in his Kitty Kouch Koverlet!

Quasar is snug as a bug in his favorite Kitty Kouch Koverlet.

For Boris of Scarlettini cats, Kitty Kouch Koverlets are the stuff dreams are made of.

Mary Kay Bailey whips up some Koverlets for the feline fans while expert tester, Quasar, looks on..

Your cats will LOVE the magic of Polar Fleece -- warm, soft, cuddly, super lightweight, highly absorbent and easily washable.

*Kitty Kouch KOVERLETS are perfect for traveling, for your bed or sofa, by the window perch, on the cat tree. Your cat can burrow underneath or make themselves a cozy nest.

*Kitty Kouch KOVERLETS wash quickly and easily. Machine wash warm -- they come out of the wash almost dry. Hang to dry or put in a COOL dryer for a few minutes.

*The colors are very durable, bright, and both sides of the Kitty Kouch KOVERLET are the same. "KKKs" won't fade or pill up (as long as you keep that dryer COOL). The fabric is super strong and elastic -- truly a wonder fabric.

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Specify colors or types of patterns and we will try to accommodate you.

Quantities are limited -- we try to keep our KKKs unique!

Custom orders also welcome!

Size: 30 inchesX 36 inches Price: $15.00

Shipping: We ship USPS Priority Mail. Add $6.00 for up to four KOVERLETS.

Payment: Pay through PayPal or with personal check.

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Tel and FAX orders: (760) 949-2458

View Colors and Pattern Choices

Lancelot wants us all to know he is enjoying his Koverlet! Anyone for a nap??

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