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To help cats, you have to love cats!

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Marva Marrow was Editor of the Cat Fanciers' Association Mentoring Program for six years, helping to create this educational program. She went on to create an educational and award-winning website for the Cat Fanciers' Association called "CatsCenterStage," helping cat owners understand behavior, cat origins, basic genetics and much more.

She is an award-winning Member of the Cat Writers of America and is frequently quoted in national cat magazines and other nationally known publications regarding cats and behavior. She has over 30 years of experience with cats of all types and ages.

She is a fully Certified member of the IAABC (International Association for Animal Behavior Consultants).

Marva Marrow is located in the Hesperia, California (Los Angeles vicinity) area.

She works closely with top local veterinarians and will assist you in finding the best, kindest and most effective solutions to improve your life with your cat...


Why I Do What I Do...

With a longtime background in loving cats and educating their owners, my passion and goal was to impart this love - and also to offer solutions to frustrated or stressed owners who had gotten to the point that they might have even considered "getting rid" of their cat. People who did not know how to resolve behavior issues, fighting and conflicts among their resident felines, were expecting a new baby..and much more.

I wanted to do my part in offering help and solutions so that kitties and their humans could enjoy peace and happiness in sharing their lives.

You're in Good Hands

Many years ago as Editor-in-Chief of a content-heavy pet website I had created, I realized quickly that there was not enough information on cat behavior and training - plenty on dogs - but not so much for cat lovers and owners. I made it my quest to research and use hands-on efforts to find the best, kindest, simplest and most effective solutions for problems and questions that people had with their beloved (and sometimes frustrating) kitties. That was my goal then and that is my objective now.. Finding you the solutions that work for YOUR cat or cats..

Marva Marrow

Owner & Founder

More than 30 years of hands-on experience guiding cat owners to understanding and loving their kitty family members...

Help is at hand! Contact me: marva@kittykouch.com

Next Steps...

If you are in the Los Angeles or Southern California area, we offer in-home visits. We also are available for effective phone or Skype consultations. We will work with you to answer your concerns and help you every step of the way to solve your problems.

Contact us for a quick reply, to schedule an appointment and for our rates! marva@kittykouch.com