These are some articles on various subjects that I have written or were written by friends... Hope you will enjoy them! Please feel free to link to this page and share the information with others!

Easy Fresh Food Recipe

You will need a food processor to make this food!...more

Kitty Glop, a Tempting Food for Young Kittens or Convalescent Cats

There are times when your cat or very young kitten may need a special food that is easily digestible, very nourishing, high in calories and extremely palatable to encourage appetite. These special instances may include:

1. A cat that is ill, weak or won't eat --also for syringe force-feeding
2. Orphaned kittens. Kittens can be totally raised with success on Glop.
3. A large litter that needs supplementing. It is also very appropriate to use with tube feeding

Build a SAFE Outdoor Enclosure for Your Cat!

A few springs ago I became suddenly very aware of how intently my strictly indoor cats watched the signs of stirring new life and renewed animal and bird activity outside in my garden. I knew how much they longed to be a part of that world...more


I am happy to share the creative solutions that others have found to build safe, pleasant play and living spaces for their kitties, using my enclosure instructions...more

A Kitty Habitat: From the House to the Outdoors in Safety: A Practical Guide

My friend Marva inspired me to build an outdoor habitat for my own cats...This spring, I took the plunge, but decided on a more complicated design than the simple box design. I preferred to have my cats enter and exit their outdoor run via my bedroom window......more

Could My Feline Fertility Problems Be Caused by G Strep (Group G Streptococcus bacteria)?
A Scary Story With a Happy Ending

Problem solving method for cat breeders -- my first article on this subject...more

G Strep Updates: The Continuing Story: Part 2 (written in 2004)

Since I wrote my first article in 2002, describing my experiences with G Strep in breeding cats and young kittens, I have received an unprecedented quantity of feedback, both from breeders and veterinarians around the world......more

Additional Comments and Follow UP to G Strep Article (2004): Written March 21, 2010

Since I wrote my articles, I have received feedback and requests for information for literally several hundred breeders around the world. It seems that this problem is becoming even more widespread, in every country and in every breed. I am not sure why that is — or if it is only because those “diagnosis unknown” cases are starting to raise more red flags and with more diffusion of information, breeders are becoming more aware, among themselves, of the existence and possibility that they are experiencing G Strep in their catteries.......more

Keeping Kitty Out of the Houseplants

To many cat lovers, the idea of a cat household with plants is an oxymoron. I have always loved the idea of having part of the outdoors, indoors. Although I live in a climate where outdoor living and green plants are a year round thing, I recall living through the gray winters in cold climates where the geranium or African violet on my indoor windowsill was the only reminder of the promise of spring to come... more