Chris Carlson: Kiko's Kondo

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Thanks so much for the great instructions on building a safe outdoor enclosure. It was so easy and is so safe and secure for the cat. I have been wanting to do something like this for my indoor-only cat for quite awhile, but all the plans I have would be much more work. I still have a bit to do on it, but my cat, Kiko, loves the thing.

I have a buggy that I wheel her outside with and can wheel the buggy right inside the enclosure. She insists on going outside even though it is 25-30 degrees out (which is also why I haven't quite finished it yet). On Sunday we had a heat wave of 50 degrees, so I put a chair inside and we sat outside for 1.5 hrs enjoying the balmy weather.

She is going to love her kondo (I put a sign on it that says "Kiko's Kondo") come spring/summer. It is 8'x8' and 6' high. The tarp is bungee-corded on one side (the side that overhangs), so we can peel it back and get some rays when it is nice outside. I did attach the 4" pipe (for the peaked roof) to the cage so it should stay on when thunderstorms/snowstorms roll through. I also made her a bird feeder and hung that on it. I was going to move it into the garage when the snow flies (I put wheels on boards, so I can move the enclosure), but I suspect she's going to have none of that and it will stay out year-round.

Follow up..The only photo I have of Kiko in the enclosure was taken before I put on the roof (but that wouldn't matter as it would look the same with the tarp peeled back) and before indoor/outdoor carpeting was on the shelves. I have enclosed this photo. I originally put down some extra indoor carpeting I had. I thought she'd only want to be out when it was nice and was going to remove the indoor carpeting from the shelves during bad weather. I took her outside to check it out and she loved it and then it started to sprinkle -- and she still loved it, so I had to make a trip to the hardware store to get the roofing/carpet.

We were in the enclosure today. I usually sit with her and read--she seems to like this better than being alone. She enjoyed watching (and hearing) the snow fall. She also loves chasing the crunchy oak leaves around. Yesterday she climbed straight up the side of the kondo to the top shelf! People think I'm nuts when they see what I make/buy for her, but she brings me so much enjoyment -- I'm only returning a small fraction of what she brings to my life.