I am happy to share the creative solutions that others have found to build safe, pleasant play and living spaces for their kitties, using my enclosure instructions. Feel free to link to this page and share the information with others!

Please send me your photos (jpegs please!) and a brief description of your experience and/or comments. I would love to show others some of the endless possibilities of construction.

Stephen Gibson: A Super Condo for Some Lucky Kitties

The habitat I built has been fully operational for over 14 months now without a single problem. I
have changed the carpet on the various shelves only once, due mainly to the rain. While my habitat has a roof, water came in from the side and got many of the shelves wet. As a member of
the cat's staff, I had to change them....more

Chris Carlson: Kiko's Kondo

Thanks so much for the great instructions on building a safe outdoor enclosure. It was so easy and is so safe and secure for the cat. I have been wanting to do something like this for my indoor-only cat for quite awhile, but all the plans I have would be much more work. I still have a bit to do on it, but my cat, Kiko, loves the thing...more

Georgetta Brickey: A Safe Haven for Raising My Bottle Baby Foster Kittens

Last year (my first) I fostered baby kittens from about June to November, but this year I am getting an earlier start and expect to see a lot of kittens in the "pipeline"! If you ever come to our area, give us a call! We can visit and you can help "socialize" whoever is being fostered and see the magnificent construction your inspiration and my perspiration have created!...more

Sean Hogan-Downey: Variation on a Theme

A friend of mine, painter by trade, loooooves my cats and will do anything to have to come here and do something for them. He likes innovating...more

Wendy Huppe: I Built My First Cage!

I am proud to say that I built my first cage this past weekend using your plans. Thankyou so much post posting this for all breeders to try. I live in Canada and the cost to build a 4' X 5' X 8' cage with three shelves was around $300. ......more

Robert Howe: A Bird's Eye View for Our Bengals

Thanks, Marva, for the great idea for our four Bengals. Our girls love it! I built this enclosure at the outdoor end of our summer patio... more

Holly Hegseth: You Made Mannie and Jasmine's Day!

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you posting those cage instructions on the website. See I have two cats my husband let me pick out on Valentines Day three years ago at the humane society. It was love at first site. They were very skinny, declawed and then abandoned by some not so good people. So of course they can't go ouside and our house backs up to a field with lots of wild animals. (Even if they had claws I don't think I would let them out)... more