Holly Hegseth: You Made Mannie and Jasmine's Day!

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you posting those cage instructions on the website. See, I have two cats my husband let me pick out on Valentine's Day three years ago at the humane society. It was love at first site. They were very skinny, declawed and then abandoned by some not so good people. So of course they can't go ouside and our house backs up to a field with lots of wild animals. (Even if they had claws I don't think I would let them out)

Well, my female cat Jasmine loves the screen door open -- she sniffs at every little thing and chases leaves that roll by. She seems so sad sitting at the window, wanting out. Sometimes she'll run out because she wants out so bad. Mannie, the big lug, really couldn't care either way :-) but I would love for them to be outside and get all the smells around them. Well anyway, I was excited because I have those (wire coated) shelves in the shed from my husband's old business so I can get the enclosure built with minimal cost -- just need to make them some shelves inside to stand on and what not.

So anyway, I thought I would write you to let you know that you made two cats' day. Mannie and Jamine thank you!!