Robert Howe: A Bird's Eye View for Our Bengals

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Thanks, Marva, for the great idea for our four Bengals. Our girls love it! I built this enclosure at the outdoor end of our summer patio. The summer patio has windows on the end and one side of our patio/garage combo. It is enclosed with pet screen where the garage door is -- we do use it for a garage in winter.

The enclosure cost about $225 to build. I had to support the bottom because under the cage is a three foot ledge that drops off four feet down to the ground. Note the stone wall under the enclosure. As you can see, it made construction quite a feat! You darn near had to be a monkey to climb on the ladders to erect it! And I'm 70 years old! The man in the photo is my son-in-law who was helping me one day.

(Editor's Note: Robert's girls have access to their bird's eye view "palace" through the windows shown in the two photos directly below.)

I live in Horseheads, NY. The commander of the Space Shuttle is from here..

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