Sean Hogan-Downey: Variation on a Theme

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I know I could have had Home Depot cut the pieces -- as you recommended, but a friend of mine, painter by trade, loooooves my cats and will do anything to have to come here and do something for them. He likes innovating, so now my enclosures have small doors at the shelf level so that I can unclip the metal clip and put food and water in on the carpeted shelf.

He also cut a half door in one side of the door so I can open half of it to access my rambunctious stud on his huge cat tree....without Mr. Houdini slipping out the door..

The cages are so nice and airy...I prefer the pieces with more space between the bars..

Thanks again,


(Editor's Note: Yes, I like the shelving pieces with wider spacing too. It is easier to clean behind them when you can't move the cage -- I just stick the vaccuum hose through the bars. It is also easier to stick heating pad cords through the bars to the wall sockets, etc.)