Wendy Huppe: I Built My First Cage!

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Hello Marva,

I am proud to say that I built my first cage this past weekend using your plans. Thank you so much for posting this for all breeders to try. I live in Canada and the cost to build a 4' X 5' X 8' cage with three shelves was around $300.

I have one request of you please. In your instructions, for those of us who didn't quite think this completely through. . . . . when building a cage for a room with 8' ceilings one should remember that the carpeting will make the measure slightly less than 8' so you may want to get 4" or so cut from each wall piece before leaving the store. :) My hubby is quite the handy man and was able to do that for me, but you're right the metal in these shelves is very strong.

Thanks again for your plans.

Wendy Huppe =^.,.^=
Purriwinkle Ragdolls