Award-Winning Cat Behaviorist
Will Help You Solve YOUR Feline Problems!

· Litterbox problems
· Housesoiling
· New baby in the house
· Introducing a new pet
· Scratching Furniture
· Ruining the houseplants
· Excessive shyness
· Aggression and Biting
· Finicky about food
· Traveling with your cat
· Overcoming fear and shyness
· Breaking habits
· Chewing...and more!!
  Nationally acclaimed Cat Behaviorist, Marva Marrow will consult with you and your cat in your home or by phone.

Modify your cat’s behavior through love, insight and proven techniques. Bring peace to your home!!

Marva Marrow was Editor of the Cat Fanciers' Association Mentoring Program for six years, helping to create this educational program. She is an award-winning Member of the Cat Writers of America and is frequently quoted in national cat magazines and other nationally known publications regarding cats and behavior. She has over 30 years of experience with cats of all types and ages.

She is a fully Certified member of the IAABC (International Association for Animal Behavior Consultants)

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Marva Marrow is located in the Hesperia, California (Los Angeles vicinity) area.
She works closely with top local veterinarians and will assist you in finding the best, kindest and most effective solutions to improve your life with your cat...

Help is at hand!